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Our Best Product Lineup Ever

Irruption™ DD

IRRUPTION™ DD is Mutiny’s premier drift and deposition agent for use with herbicides and fungicides. IRRUPTION™ DD is an Enlist™ approved adjuvant.

Mutiny™ COC

MUTINY™ COC improves spray solution coverage and penetration, increases the activity of herbicides and enhances performance and is compatible with UAN and AMS, even in cold water.

Mutiny™ MSO

MUTINY™ MSO is a methylated seed oil and surfactant formulation for increased pesticide uptake and effectiveness at 50% of the use rate of ordinary methylated seed oils and crop oil.

Mutiny™ NIS

MUTINY™ NIS, an economical, 90% active, low-foaming, non-ionic activator adjuvant, enhances crop protection performance by improving spray solution coverage and penetration of target leaf surfaces.