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Irruption™ Complete

IRRUPTION™ COMPLETE is a blend of water conditioning agent (ammonium sulfate), surfactants, drift reduction agents and humectants. IRRUPTION™ COMPLETE contains an antifoaming agent to minimize foaming. IRRUPTION COMPLETE may be used with pesticides that either require or suggest the use of surfactants and/or ammonium sulfate as the recommended adjuvant.

Irruption™ Complete Concentrate


Irruption™ DD

IRRUPTION™ DD is Mutiny’s premier drift and deposition agent for use with herbicides and fungicides. IRRUPTION™ DD is an Enlist™ approved adjuvant.

Irruption™ Dicamba-All-In-One

IRRUPTION™ DICAMBA ALL-IN-ONE is a volatility and drift reduction adjuvant designed for use in dicamba-tolerant cropping systems. IRRUPTION™ DICAMBA ALL-IN-ONE uses a specially balanced buffering and volatility control system to provide a tank pH of at least 5.0 when tank mixed with glyphosate and dicamba herbicides. It also provides ammonium-free water conditioning and wetting which meets the label requirements for mixing with approved dicamba products to be applied on dicamba-tolerant crops.

Irruption™ Premium

IRRUPTION™ PREMIUM is an Enlist™ approved nonionic surfactant and 3.4 lb/gal AMS premix. Can be used in place of ordinary surfactants, dry AMS or other AMS replacement products.