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Uprising™ Soybean

UPRISING™ SOYBEAN seed treatment gives your soybeans unsurpassed protection against harmful early-season pests through best-in-class fungicide and insecticide packages and a unique blend of inoculants, biologicals and polymers. UPRISING SOYBEAN drives exceptional early-season plant health and plantability. ASK ABOUT THE UPRISING SOYBEAN AND GO TIME™ PRO LEGUME CO-PACK

Uprising™ STCorn

UPRISING™ STCorn biological seed treatment protects your crops against harmful pests through a unique blend of biologicals, PGP and Zn, driving increased plant health and plantability.

Uprising™ Wheat

UPRISING™ Wheat seed treatment shields your crop against harmful early-season disease and insects. With a best-in-class fungicide and insecticide package, UPRISING Wheat delivers maximum protection through harvest.